Roblox Katana Simulator Codes for February 2024

In February 2024, players of Roblox Katana Simulator could use codes like "75kThanks" for rewards like coins. To redeem, they entered the codes in-game for free items. Currently, there's no official Trello link; players should check the game's website for updates.

by Preethi

Updated Feb 16, 2024

Roblox Katana Simulator Codes for February 2024

Roblox Katana Simulator Codes for February 2024

In February 2024, Roblox Katana Simulator offered codes to help players get rewards like coins and boosts. These codes could be redeemed in the game for free stuff. Players could redeem these codes by entering them into a text box in the game and then clicking enter to claim their rewards.

Working Codes of Roblox Katana Simulator:

  • fivethousand—Redeem for 5,000 Coins

  • 50kthumbsup—Redeem for 2,500 Coins

  • 50kdouble—Redeem for Double-inator (2x Coin Boost)

  • space—Redeem for a spacesuit skin

  • noggin—Redeem to get a big head

  • 75kThanks—Redeem for 75,000 Coins

  • 50Mil—Redeem for 2,500 Coins

  • fire—Redeem for Double-inator (2x Coin Boost)

  • gong—Redeem for 2,500 Coins

Roblox Katana Simulator Trello Link

As of now, there doesn't seem to be an official Trello link for Roblox Katana Simulator. Trello is often used by developers to organize and communicate updates and plans for their games. If players are looking for updates or information about the game, it's best to check the official Roblox Katana Simulator website or any social media channels associated with the game's developers. These sources are likely to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about any changes or additions to the game.

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About the Game: Roblox Katana Simulator

Roblox Katana Simulator is an action-packed game where players wield swords and battle enemies to earn gold. With this gold, players can upgrade their swords to become more powerful and skilled fighters. The game offers a variety of katanas, each more powerful than the last, providing players with the opportunity to progress and improve their abilities.

Created by Paragon, the game has gained popularity among Roblox users, attracting over 104.3 million visits. Players can expect intense sword-fighting action and the thrill of becoming the ultimate katana master as they navigate through the challenges and rewards of the game.

Roblox Katana Simulator Codes for February 2024 - FAQs

1. What are Roblox Katana Simulator codes for February 2024?

Codes like "fivethousand" and "75kThanks" offer rewards like coins and boosts.

2. How do I redeem Roblox Katana Simulator codes?

Enter the codes in-game to claim free items by using the provided text box.

3. Is there an official Trello link for Roblox Katana Simulator?

No, currently there isn't. Players should check the official website for updates.

4. What is Roblox Katana Simulator about?

It's an action game where players fight enemies, earn gold, and upgrade swords for power.

5. Who created Roblox Katana Simulator?

The game was created by Paragon and has gained over 104.3 million visits.

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