Haze Piece Codes for February 2024

In February 2024, players can redeem Haze Piece codes for rewards like race spins and gems. To redeem, click menu > gift icon in-game. No Trello link; check official sites. Sample codes: "VALENTINES2024" for spins, "LETSGO375KHAZE" for gems/spins.

by Preethi

Updated Feb 16, 2024

Haze Piece Codes for February 2024

Haze Piece Codes for February 2024

In February 2024, players of Haze Piece, a fun Roblox game inspired by the One Piece anime, can get cool rewards by using special codes. These codes give things like race spins, gems, EXP boosts, and cash to help you in your pirate adventures. To use a code, you just need to open the game, click on the menu button, and then on the gift icon. A box will pop up where you can type in the code and redeem your rewards.

Working codes of Haze Piece:

  • XMAS2023: EXP Boost

  • NEXT300KCOOL: 15 Gems, 3 Race Spins and Stat Refund

  • VALENTINES2024: 3 Race Spins and EXP Boost (NEW!)

  • WOW325KMLG: 15 Gems, 3 Race Spins and Stat Refund

  • NEXTAT350KLIKES: 15 Gems, 3 Race Spins and Stat Refund

  • GROUPONLY $10k Cash

  • LETSGO375KHAZE: 15 Gems, 3 Race Spins and Stat Refund

  • 275KNEXTLETSGO: 15 Gems, 3 Spins and Stat Refund

Haze Piece Trello Link

Unfortunately, there isn't a specific Trello link provided for Haze Piece. Trello is often used by game developers to share updates, roadmaps, and upcoming features with players, but it seems that Haze Piece doesn't have a Trello board. If you're looking for updates and news about the game, it's best to check the official website or social media channels of the developers. They usually share important information there, like new features, events, or codes for free items in the game. So, keep an eye on those places for the latest news and updates about Haze Piece.

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About the Game: Haze Piece

Haze Piece is an exciting Roblox game that takes inspiration from the popular One Piece anime series. In the game, players can embark on thrilling adventures as pirates or marines, just like their favorite characters from One Piece. With over 30 different fruits to discover, each granting unique abilities, players can customize their characters and engage in epic battles across various islands.

Whether you're exploring the high seas, facing off against powerful bosses, or teaming up with friends to conquer challenges, Haze Piece offers endless excitement and opportunities for adventure. So, join the fun and set sail in the world of Haze Piece today.

Haze Piece Codes for February 2024 - FAQs

1. What are Haze Piece Codes for February 2024?

Special codes granting rewards like race spins, gems, and cash.

2. How do I redeem Haze Piece codes?

Open game > menu button > gift icon > enter code > redeem.

3. Is there a Trello link for Haze Piece?

No, check official sites for game updates instead.

4. What is Haze Piece about?

A Roblox game inspired by One Piece anime with pirate adventures.

5. What can players do in Haze Piece?

Embark on adventures, customize characters, battle bosses, and explore islands.

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