Mad Alchemist Ladle Last Epoch, How to Get the Mad Alchemist Ladle in Last Epoch?

The Mad Alchemist's Ladle in Last Epoch is a rare and potent item obtained by defeating Exiled Mages, making its acquisition challenging due to low drop rates.

by T Santhosh

Updated Mar 07, 2024

Mad Alchemist Ladle Last Epoch, How to Get the Mad Alchemist Ladle in Last Epoch?

Mad Alchemist Ladle Last Epoch

The Mad Alchemist's Ladle is a special and powerful item in the Last Epoch game. It's not very common to come across, and you can only get it by defeating Exiled Mages. However, the chances of finding it are not very high, making it a bit challenging for players to acquire.

To increase your chances of getting the Mad Alchemist's Ladle, the best approach is to focus on targeted farming. This means spending time specifically hunting down Exiled Mages in the game. If this ladle is a crucial part of your character's equipment, be prepared to invest a significant amount of time due to the randomness of drops.

If the Mad Alchemist's Ladle is essential for your character build, it's worth the effort to try and obtain it. You'll need patience and perseverance as you farm for this item. Whether it's optimizing your farming routes, leveraging specific in-game mechanics, or understanding the best strategies, these tips aim to help you in your quest to secure this powerful item for your character's arsenal.

How to Get the Mad Alchemist Ladle in Last Epoch?

Getting the Mad Alchemist's Ladle in Last Epoch is no easy task, as it requires defeating numerous Exiled Mages. The ladle has an extremely low drop rate, meaning you'll need to invest a considerable amount of time into farming these mages to obtain the item. Since obtaining the ladle relies heavily on luck, there's a chance you might get lucky after a few attempts.

To increase your chances, the most effective method is to engage in target farming within specific Monoliths in the Stolen Lance timeline. Look out for missions that offer rewards like UniqueSet WandCatalyst, as completing these missions enhances the likelihood of the Mad Alchemist's Ladle dropping.

Be prepared to run these missions multiple times before securing the ladle. Equipping items that boost your item Rarity can also be crucial in improving drop rates. This approach might help reduce the overall amount of farming required to finally get your hands on the coveted Mad Alchemist's Ladle.

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Last Epoch

Last Epoch is a video game created by Eleventh Hour Games (EHG), falling under the genre of hack and slash action role-playing. The game's journey began with a free playable demo released in April 2018 as part of Last Epoch's Kickstarter campaign, allowing players to get a taste of the upcoming experience.

Moving forward, in April 2019, the game entered its beta phase and became accessible through Steam Early Access. Originally set for a full release in April 2020, Last Epoch faced a delay and was rescheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2020. However, unforeseen circumstances caused further adjustments to the release timeline.

In December 2020, Eleventh Hour Games shared that the release of Last Epoch was delayed until 2021. The game's journey continued, and in March 2023, a multiplayer beta was launched, introducing new dynamics to the gaming experience. Finally, in October 2023, the developers revealed that the full version of Last Epoch would officially launch on February 21, 2024, marking the culmination of their efforts and the anticipation of players worldwide.

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Last Epoch Gameplay

Last Epoch is an Action RPG game that takes players on a thrilling journey through time. In the game, players explore the world of Eterra's past, encountering challenges such as dark empires, vengeful gods, and unexplored lands. Their mission is to prevent The Void from consuming time itself.

Players begin their adventure by choosing from one of five powerful classes. As they progress, they have the opportunity to ascend into unique Mastery Classes, unlocking specialized abilities and build-options tailored to their preferred playstyle. One of the game's standout features is its extensive skill system, boasting over 120 skill trees. Each skill comes with its own augment tree, providing players with the ability to customize and enhance their abilities.

For example, players can modify their skeletons to become archers, transform their lightning attacks into chain lightning, or summon snakes to aid them in battle with their serpent strike ability. With its combination of time travel, dungeon crawling, character customization, and endless replayability, Last Epoch offers an immersive experience suitable for both seasoned veterans of Action RPGs and newcomers to the genre.

Last Epoch Overview


Eleventh Hour Games




Windows, Linux

Release Date

February 21, 2024


Action role-playing, hack and slash


Single-player, multiplayer

Last Epoch Trailer

Mad Alchemist Ladle Last Epoch - FAQs

1. What is the Mad Alchemist's Ladle in Last Epoch?

The Mad Alchemist's Ladle is a rare and powerful item in Last Epoch, obtained by defeating Exiled Mages.

2. How do I increase my chances of getting the Mad Alchemist's Ladle?

Focus on targeted farming by hunting down Exiled Mages, but be prepared for a significant time investment due to low drop rates.

3. Is the Ladle crucial for character builds?

Yes, if it's essential for your character, it's worth the effort to obtain it, requiring patience and perseverance in farming.

4. What's the best method for obtaining the Ladle?

Engage in targeted farming within specific Monoliths in the Stolen Lance timeline, especially missions offering UniqueSet WandCatalyst rewards.

5. How can I improve drop rates for the Mad Alchemist's Ladle?

Equip items that boost your item Rarity to increase your chances of obtaining the ladle and potentially reduce the overall farming needed.

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