Is Felix Leaving Skz? Who is Felix?

As of now, there are no indications or reports suggesting that Felix is leaving Stray Kids (SKZ). He remains an active member, dedicated to the group's success, with no official announcements regarding his departure.

by S Samayanka

Updated Mar 07, 2024

Is Felix Leaving Skz? Who is Felix?

Stray Kids

Stray Kids, a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment in 2017, has quickly emerged as a powerhouse in the music industry. With eight members—Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N—the group captivates audiences with their dynamic performances and diverse musical styles.

Their journey began with the reality show of the same name, through which they showcased their talents and solidified their place in the hearts of fans worldwide. Since their debut, Stray Kids has demonstrated versatility and creativity through their extensive discography, which includes a variety of EPs and studio albums.

From their early releases like "Mixtape" and "I Am Not" to their more recent successes such as "Noeasy" and "5-Star," the group continues to push boundaries and redefine K-pop norms. Beyond their musical achievements, Stray Kids' impact transcends borders, earning them recognition on global platforms and cementing their status as trailblazers in the industry.

The name "Stray Kids" itself reflects the group's ethos of resilience and determination. Conceived by the members themselves, it symbolizes a journey of self-discovery and unity—a collective effort to navigate life's challenges and pursue their dreams together.

As they continue to evolve and inspire fans worldwide, Stray Kids' story serves as a testament to the power of passion, teamwork, and unwavering dedication in achieving success and making a lasting impact in the world of music.

Is Felix Leaving Skz?

As of now, there are no indications or reports suggesting that Felix is leaving Stray Kids (SKZ). Felix continues to be an active member of the group, participating in various activities and contributing to their ongoing projects.

His dedication to the group and the strong bond he shares with his fellow members are evident in their continued collaboration and performances. Fans can rest assured that Felix remains committed to his role within Stray Kids, as there have been no official announcements or statements regarding his departure.

His presence within the group continues to be integral to their success, and there is no evidence to suggest any changes in his status. It's essential to rely on official updates from the group or their management for accurate information about Felix's involvement with Stray Kids.

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Felix Position SKZ

Felix holds a significant role within Stray Kids as the lead rapper, contributing his distinct style and skill to the group's dynamic performances. His presence adds depth and intensity to their music, showcasing his prowess as a versatile artist.

Beyond his role as a rapper, Felix is also recognized for his vocal talents, further enriching the group's sound and allowing for diverse musical expressions. In addition to his contributions as a musician, Felix plays a pivotal role in shaping Stray Kids' identity and connecting with their fanbase.

His captivating stage presence and charismatic persona have earned him a devoted following, making him one of the most beloved members of the group. Felix's leadership within Stray Kids extends beyond his musical abilities, as he actively engages with fans, inspiring and connecting with them on a deeper level through his performances and interactions.

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Who is Felix?

Felix Yongbok Lee, also known simply as Felix, is a multifaceted artist who has made a mark as both a rapper and singer. Born on September 15, 2000, in Sydney, Australia, Felix's journey into the world of music began after he relocated to South Korea. He gained widespread recognition as a member of the South Korean boy band Stray Kids, a group formed under JYP Entertainment in 2017.

Beyond his musical talents, Felix has a rich background, having practiced taekwondo for twelve years during his childhood, earning an impressive collection of 63 medals. Raised by Korean immigrant parents alongside two sisters, Rachael and Olivia, Felix's upbringing was rooted in Sydney before his leap into the global music scene.

Despite his success in taekwondo, Felix's passion for music led him to shift gears and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. His journey reflects a fusion of diverse influences, from his Australian roots to his Korean heritage, all of which contribute to his unique identity as an artist.

Felix's story underscores the power of pursuing one's passions and embracing opportunities for growth and self-expression. As a member of Stray Kids, he continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his charismatic presence and dynamic performances, solidifying his status as a rising star in the music industry.


Felix Yongbok Lee

Birth Date

15 September 2000


23 years

Place of Birth

Sydney, Australia

Other Names

Lee Yong-bok


Rapper, Singer

Years Active



K-pop, Hip Hop, Electronica, Pop Rock



Felix Career

Felix's career took flight in February 2017 when he embarked on his journey as a trainee with JYP Entertainment. His talent didn't go unnoticed as he caught the eye of Bang Chan, the leader of Stray Kids, who personally selected him to join the group, marking the beginning of his rise to fame.

Despite facing challenges during the survival show "Stray Kids," Felix's perseverance and the unwavering support of fans led to his reinstatement, solidifying his place in the band. With Stray Kids, Felix embarked on a remarkable musical journey, releasing hit albums such as "Mixtape" and "I Am Not."

Alongside his group activities, he explored solo ventures, showcasing his versatility and charm. From hosting the music program "Pops in Seoul" to collaborating with labelmates on tracks like "No Problem," Felix proved his prowess not just as a member of Stray Kids but also as an individual artist.

Beyond music, Felix's influence extends into the fashion world, as evidenced by his role as a house ambassador for Louis Vuitton and his recognition as one of GQ Korea's Men of the Year. His runway debut at Paris Fashion Week further cements his status as a multifaceted talent with a burgeoning career.

As Felix continues to evolve and expand his horizons, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists worldwide, showcasing the power of passion, dedication, and talent in achieving one's dreams.

Felix Discography










"Muddy Water"


"No Problem"




"Deep End"




"Up All Night"

Is Felix Leaving Skz? - FAQs

1. What is Stray Kids known for?

Stray Kids is renowned for their dynamic performances and diverse musical styles, captivating audiences worldwide.

2. Has Felix ever considered leaving Stray Kids?

No, there are no indications or reports suggesting that Felix is leaving Stray Kids; he remains an active member of the group.

3. What role does Felix play in Stray Kids?

Felix is the lead rapper of Stray Kids, contributing his distinct style and skill to the group's dynamic performances.

4. What is the significance of the name "Stray Kids"?

The name symbolizes a journey of self-discovery and unity, reflecting the group's ethos of resilience and determination.

5. How has Felix diversified his career beyond music?  

Felix has ventured into the fashion world, serving as a house ambassador for Louis Vuitton and being named one of GQ Korea's Men of the Year.

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