Helldivers 2 Stratagems Codes for February 2024

In February 2024, Helldivers 2 offers various Stratagem Codes, like secret combinations, for players to redeem powerful upgrades during gameplay. Players input these codes using the D-pad, activating abilities such as airstrikes or defensive structures. To redeem, just enter the correct sequence of button presses.

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Updated Feb 13, 2024

Helldivers 2 Stratagems Codes for February 2024

Helldivers 2 Stratagems Codes for February 2024

As of February 2024, Helldivers 2 offers players various Stratagem Codes, which are special sequences used to redeem powerful upgrades during gameplay. These codes, like secret combinations, can be entered using the D-pad to activate different abilities, such as calling in airstrikes or deploying defensive structures.

To redeem a Stratagem, players need to input the correct sequence of button presses in the game. Each code corresponds to a specific Stratagem, each with its own unique effect and cooldown period. By successfully inputting these codes, players can access powerful tools to aid them in their missions, enhancing their chances of success and survival. It's like having a secret arsenal at your fingertips, ready to be unleashed against the alien hordes.

Working codes of Helldivers 2 Stratagems:

Offensive Stratagem Codes:

  • Close Air Support: ►►▼◄

  • Heavy Airstrike: ►▲▼►◄

  • Heavy Strafing Run: ►►▼▲

  • Incendiary Bombs: ►▲◄►

  • Missile Barrage: ►▼▼▼◄▼

  • Orbital Laser Strike: ►▲◄▲►◄

  • Railcannon Strike: ►▼▲▼◄

  • Shredder Missile Strike: ►◄►◄▼▼►

  • Sledge Precision Artillery: ►▲◄▲▼►

  • Static Field Conductors: ►▲◄▼

  • Strafing Run: ►►▲

  • Thunderer Barrage: ►▼▲▲◄▼

  • Vindicator Dive Bomb: ►►►

Defensive Stratagem Codes:

  • A/AC-6 Tesla Tower: ◄▼▼▲►◄

  • A/GL-8 Launcher Turret: ◄▼▲►►▼

  • A/MG-11 Minigun Turret: ◄▼▲►◄

  • A/RX-34 Railcannon Turret: ◄▼▲◄►

  • Airdropped Anti-Personnel Mines: ◄►▲▼

  • Airdropped Stun Mines: ◄►▲▼

  • Anti-Personnel Barrier: ◄►▼▼▲

  • AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement: ◄◄▲▲►◄

  • Distractor Beacon: ◄▼►

  • Humblebee UAV Drone: ◄▲►

  • Thunderer Smoke Round: ►▼▲▲▼

Supply Stratagem Codes:

  • AC-22 Dum-Dum: ▼◄▼▲▲

  • AD-289 Angel: ▼▲◄◄►▼

  • AD-334 Guard Dog: ▼▲◄▲►▼

  • EAT-17: ▼◄►▲▼

  • EXO-44 Walker Exosuit: ▼►▲◄▼▼

  • EXO-48 Obsidian Exosuit: ▼►▲◄▼◄

  • EXO-51 Lumberer Exosuit: ▼►▲◄▼►

  • FLAM-40 Incinerator: ▼◄▼►◄

  • LAS-98 Laser Cannon: ▼◄▼▼◄

  • LIFT-850 Jump Pack: ▼▲▲▼▲

  • M-25 Rumbler: ▼◄▲◄◄

  • M5 APC: ▼►▼◄◄►

  • M5-32 HAV: ▼►▼◄▲▼

  • MC-109 Hammer Motorcycle: ▼►▼◄►▲

  • MG-94 Machine Gun: ▼◄▼▲►

  • MGX-42 Machine Gun: ▼◄▼▲▲◄

  • MLS-4X Commando: ▼◄▲▼◄

  • Obliterator Grenade Launcher: ▼◄▲◄▼

  • REC-6 Demolisher: ▼◄►▲▲

  • REP-80: ▼▼◄►▼

  • Resupply: ▼▼▲►

  • Resupply Pack: ▼▲▼▼►

  • RL-112 Recoilless Rifle: ▼◄►►◄

  • SH-20 Shield Generator Pack: ▼▲◄►◄►

  • SH-32 Directional Kinetic Shield: ▼▲◄►◄▼

  • TD-110 Bastion: ▼►▼◄▲►

  • TOX-13 Avenger: ▼◄▼►►

Special Stratagem Codes:

  • Emergency Beacon: ▲▼►▲

  • ME-1 Sniffer Metal Detector: ▼▼►▲

  • NUX-223 Hellbomb: ▲◄►▼▲▼

  • Reinforce: ▲▼►◄▲

Helldivers 2 Stratagems Trello Link

Currently, there is no Trello link available specifically for Helldivers 2 Stratagems. Trello is a popular project management tool used by many game developers to organize and share information with their community. However, for the latest updates on Helldivers 2, including information about Stratagems and other gameplay features, players should check the official websites, forums, and social media channels associated with the game.

These platforms often provide announcements, patch notes, and other relevant information directly from the developers. While Trello can be a convenient way to track development progress, it's essential to rely on the official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding Helldivers 2 and its Stratagems.

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About the Game: Helldivers 2 Stratagems

Helldivers 2 introduces a wide array of Stratagems, which are essential tools for players to overcome the challenges of intergalactic warfare. From offensive capabilities like airstrikes and artillery strikes to defensive structures such as turrets and shields, these Stratagems provide players with versatile options to adapt to various combat situations. Each Stratagem serves a specific purpose, allowing players to customize their loadouts according to their playstyle and tactical preferences.

Whether players prefer to rain down destruction from above or fortify their positions against enemy assaults, the diverse range of Stratagems in Helldivers 2 ensures that every mission offers unique opportunities for strategic decision-making and cooperative gameplay. With teamwork and effective utilization of Stratagems, players can stand united against the alien threats and emerge victorious in the fight for humanity's survival.

Helldivers 2 Stratagems Codes for February 2024 - FAQs

1. What are Helldivers 2 Stratagem Codes?

Special sequences used to redeem powerful upgrades during gameplay.

2. How do I redeem Helldivers 2 Stratagems?

Input the correct sequence of button presses using the D-pad in the game.

3. What are some examples of Helldivers 2 Stratagem Codes?

Examples include "Close Air Support" (►►▼◄) and "Orbital Laser Strike" (►▲◄▲►◄).

4. Where can I find working Helldivers 2 Stratagem Codes?

This list provides several codes for Offensive, Defensive, and Supply Stratagems.

5. How do I stay updated on Helldivers 2 Stratagems and other game features?

Check the official websites, forums, and social media channels for the latest updates.

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